What to do if you become a victim of identity fraud

In our previous training video we explained how to protect yourself from identity theft, but now we’re going to talk about what to do if the worst should happen and you fall victim to fraudsters.

Well, first things first, you have to act fast.

Make sure you get a copy of your credit report as it’s one of the first places you can spot if someone is exploiting your personal information. Review every entry and if you see an account, or even a credit search from a company that you don’t recognise, notify the credit reference agency immediately. They all offer a free service to victims of fraud. Remember to keep a record of all your actions, including the people you’ve spoken to and when, keeping copies of all the letters you send and receive.

Taking the steps outlined in the video above will help put you in the best position to deal with and overcome identity fraud. Be sure to check out our other training videos here at Security Expert Online, where together online, we make the World a safer place.