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  • 4 Part corporate fraud training series

    Courtesy of The Procurement Academy a 4 part series for training procurement managers in how to detect and prevent fraud.


Latest Training

A quick guide to ransomware

A quick guide to ransomware

With the threat of ransomware increasing, especially after the recent ‘Wannacry’ and ‘NotPetya’ attacks, it’s vital that you stay protected. Ransomware can bring your business to a halt and cause[Read More…]

A quick guide to technical support scams

A quick guide to technical support scams

Some of the more recent scams to hit businesses and organisations, as well as individuals, are technical support scams. When fraudsters pose as software providers, claiming to offer support services[Read More…]

A quick guide to identity fraud

A quick guide to identity fraud

In this training video, we explain what identity fraud is and how you can protect yourself from it. Identity fraud has been growing steadily over the past 10 years and[Read More…]

How to protect your data from ransomware and cyberattacks: an interview with Data2Vault.

Data2Vault: Protecting your data

Facebook, Uber and Google are all businesses whose unique data underpins their value. We are living in what’s becoming a data driven world. So what can be done to create[Read More…]

Wi-Fi Safety is extremely important.  Be careful that you're not sending your personal and private data over public wi-fi networks.

The Little Guide to Wi-Fi safety

Wi-Fi is everywhere. And it’s mostly free, which is great! But it can also be a problem if you’re sat in a coffee shop, doing some important work or banking.[Read More…]

Here's a little guide to passwords. Stay safe, and don't go for the obvious 'password123'.

The Little Guide to passwords

Passwords are always a problem. We know they should be complicated to stop the hackers, but then we can’t remember them. If your password is in the dictionary, it means[Read More…]

The Little Guide to Computer Updates gives you the latest advice on how to keep your computer safe.

The Little Guide to computer updates

Our technology is very needy. Our devices are always asking us to download and install computer updates – and those updates are really important. Hackers are always looking for ways[Read More…]

Hackers are always trying to get hold of your online identity, which could have a catastrophic effect on your life.

The Little Guide to your online identity

Hackers are always working away, trying to steal your money and your online identity. It’s important to remember that there’s a lot of very personal information about you, and your family,[Read More…]

Phishing scams can hit you hard when you're least expecting it. This is a little guide that's been put together by Get Safe Online to help you out.

The Little Guide to phishing

Hackers are always sending out phishing emails. They’re desperate to get their victims to fall for claims that look like they could be real. Phishing works as a criminal sends[Read More…]

How can we make places of worship more secure? | Garry Evanson at SCTX 2017

How can we make places of worship more secure? | Garry Evanson at SCTX 2017

After the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, places of worship need to be on heightened alert. So how can we make religious sites more secure? | Garry Evanson who[Read More…]