Cyber Safety

Teaching you and your staff up-to-date what you need to know to manage cyber security threats including those associated with the Cyber Space

  • Real-time fraud prevention

    Commerce and banking channels are multiplying, and providing consumers more ways to transact then ever before. However, sophisticated fraud threats are multiplying even faster. These fraud threats slow commerce and[Read More…]


Cyber Safety

What to do if you become a victim of identity fraud

What to do if you become a victim of identity fraud

In our previous training video we explained how to protect yourself from identity theft, but now we’re going to talk about what to do if the worst should happen and[Read More…]

How to protect your data from ransomware and cyberattacks: an interview with Data2Vault.

Data2Vault: Protecting your data

Facebook, Uber and Google are all businesses whose unique data underpins their value. We are living in what’s becoming a data driven world. So what can be done to create[Read More…]

Wi-Fi Safety is extremely important.  Be careful that you're not sending your personal and private data over public wi-fi networks.

The Little Guide to Wi-Fi safety

Wi-Fi is everywhere. And it’s mostly free, which is great! But it can also be a problem if you’re sat in a coffee shop, doing some important work or banking.[Read More…]

Here's a little guide to passwords. Stay safe, and don't go for the obvious 'password123'.

The Little Guide to passwords

Passwords are always a problem. We know they should be complicated to stop the hackers, but then we can’t remember them. If your password is in the dictionary, it means[Read More…]

The Little Guide to Computer Updates gives you the latest advice on how to keep your computer safe.

The Little Guide to computer updates

Our technology is very needy. Our devices are always asking us to download and install computer updates – and those updates are really important. Hackers are always looking for ways[Read More…]

Hackers are always trying to get hold of your online identity, which could have a catastrophic effect on your life.

The Little Guide to your online identity

Hackers are always working away, trying to steal your money and your online identity. It’s important to remember that there’s a lot of very personal information about you, and your family,[Read More…]

Phishing scams can hit you hard when you're least expecting it. This is a little guide that's been put together by Get Safe Online to help you out.

The Little Guide to phishing

Hackers are always sending out phishing emails. They’re desperate to get their victims to fall for claims that look like they could be real. Phishing works as a criminal sends[Read More…]

BEC/EAC – Part 1 – The $5 Billion scam – SEOL executive briefing

BEC/EAC – Part 1 – The $5 Billion scam – SEOL executive briefing

Welcome to a 5 part series designed to train all those who handle finance in your organisation on how to recognise and deal with a 5 billion dollar crime-wave called[Read More…]

Is there a safe way to buy cyber security products from foreign countries?

Is there a safe way to buy cyber security products from foreign countries?

Our resident expert Nick Lambe offers advice on how to configure cyber technology bought from countries like China or Russia and yet maintain robust security. It’s all to do with[Read More…]

by June 15, 2017 Cyber Safety, Software & Apps
Malware – security awareness

Malware – security awareness

What is malware, what are the main types and how do these malicious programmes work. This short video from SANS gives an excellent overview.

by June 14, 2017 Cyber Safety