Are you doing enough to protect your office?

SSR Personnel are a Recruitment Consultancy & Executive Search practice, dedicated to the Security, Fire, Health and Safety sectors. Recently, they asked businesses what measures they have in the case of various attacks. SSR Personnel found there was one area that a significant number of companies had forgotten to protect.

Since 1970, the UK has faced fatal attacks caused by terrorism in Western Europe, with 3,395 recorded deaths. Additionally, this is often overlooked by corporations who are likely to be blindsided. These are the same businesses who don’t have policies in place to deal with shooting in your offices or an attack on a next-door office.

The chances are that right now, a terrorist attack will almost certainly expose a systemic failure and under-investment in the security structure of your organisation. Furthermore, the changing risks and threats to political pressure groups has shown the Government can’t be relied on to completely mitigate these threats. It’s vital that companies take responsibility and protect themselves and their staff, in and development of security procedures and resiliency.

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