A quick guide to ransomware

With the threat of ransomware increasing, especially after the recent ‘Wannacry’ and ‘NotPetya’ attacks, it’s vital that you stay protected. Ransomware can bring your business to a halt and cause significant financial damage. Unlike the stealthier attacks that can stay undetected on corporate networks for months, the impact is immediate and intrusive. Once attackers have download malicious software onto your device, they can block access to your files until a substantial ransom is paid.

The best protection against ransomware is creating regular backups of your important files. You’ll want to save them to an external hard drive, memory stick or online storage provider. It’s important that the device you back up to isn’t left connected to your computer as any malware infection could spread to it as well. Businesses can also save copies of their data to external servers that won’t be affected if their main network is attacked.

Be sure to stick to our guidelines and you’ll help yourself and your business avoid any dangers. Be sure to look at our other training videos here at Security Expert Online, where together online, we make the World a safer place.