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A driverless delivery bot is in development by the University of Aberystwyth. It will be able to take goods you purchase online to your door using unmarked roads.

Kar-Go: the driverless delivery vehicle

The University of Aberystwyth-based Academy of Robotics may be one of the first teams to create and deliver a road-legal driverless vehicle in 2018. Kar-Go, a delivery-bot, can take retail items[Read More…]

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New rules have been put in place for smart and driverless vehicles in an attempt to stop the cars from falling victim to a cyberattack.

New cybersecurity guidelines for smart cars

New cybersecurity guidelines for smart cars have been put in place. The regulations will determine whether or not citizens are at risk whilst travelling inside the driverless cars. The guidelines[Read More…]

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UK prisons are in crisis, Andrea Albutt has revealed in an open letter.

UK prisons in crisis, says Andrea Albutt

Figures from the Ministry of Justice revealed last week that there were over 26,000 assaults in UK prisons last year. This included a record 7,000 attacks on staff. Prisons are[Read More…]

The top stories in this week's news affecting security companies all around the UK.

UK prisons are in crisis | This Week in Security – 07.08.17

Welcome to this week in security, with our roundup of the most important stories affecting the UK security of private and public sector organisations. Our editor’s top stories this week;[Read More…]

As the UK increase their data protection laws to offer more rights, you'll soon be able to ask companies to delete your data.

UK data protection laws give more rights

Under new UK data protection laws, you will have more control over where your data is stored. The new law falls in line with the European Union’s General Data Protection[Read More…]

Could an invisible gel reduce ATM crimes?

Could ATM crime be reduced using gel?

SmartWater, alongside the Co-op, may have discovered a way to reduce ATM crime. Using an invisible gel, any criminal who tries to get inside the machines will be sprayed. What’s more,[Read More…]

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New U.S. airport procedures have been announced by the TSA. You will now have to separate your devices and place them in bins.

What to expect next at airport security

New airport screening procedures have been announced in the United States. According to the US based Transportation Security Administration (TSA), new, stronger screening procedures for carry-on items have been established.[Read More…]

Marcus Hutchins has been arrested in the US following allegations that he was behind the creation of a Trojan virus, Kronos.

Man who halted WannaCry virus under arrest

The man who halted the spread of the WannaCry virus in May has been arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada. Marcus Hutchins, a 22-year-old from Ilfracombe, Devon, is a cyber security[Read More…]

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How to protect your data from ransomware and cyberattacks: an interview with Data2Vault.

Data2Vault: Protecting your data

Facebook, Uber and Google are all businesses whose unique data underpins their value. We are living in what’s becoming a data driven world. So what can be done to create[Read More…]

Scammers are taking advantage of the victims affected by the Grenfell Tower incident.

Grenfell Tower victims at risk of fraud

It’s estimated that nearly half of people in the UK have been targeted by a scam. This is partially due to the widespread use of the internet and easy access[Read More…]

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