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Google has rolled out anti-phishing software for iPhone users.

Google rolling out anti-phishing mechanisms for iPhone users

Tech-giant Google has rolled out anti-phishing mechanisms for iPhone users. The Gmail app for Apple devices will warn users of phishing attempt when you go to click on a dodgy[Read More…]

by August 16, 2017 Cyber & IoT News, News
USB thumbs have been discovered as leaking data through "chatter," putting your personal information at risk.

USB ports could be leaking your personal data

USB devices are easily one of the most convenient ways to move your data from one area to another. From sticks to external hard-drives, it’s simple to transfer your information[Read More…]

by August 16, 2017 Cyber & IoT News, Latest, News, Top Stories
The top things you need to know about the GDPR.

Things you need to know about the GDPR

A simple guide to GDPR – our top ten things to think about for as we get closer to the 28th May 2018. It covers everyone, and yes, that includes[Read More…]

by August 15, 2017 News, Regulatory Compliance, Top Stories
Are Disney stealing yo children?

Are Disney spying on your children? | This Week in Security – 14.08.17

Welcome to this week in security, with our roundup of the most important stories affecting the U.K. security of private and public-sector organisations. Our editor’s top stories this week; –[Read More…]

Is your identity at risk? We reveal the number one location in the UK for online identity theft.

New research exposes the scale of identity theft

It’s been revealed that Leeds postcodes are most at risk for identity theft in the UK. Security Intelligence company, C6, have claimed that up to one in four Brits’ personal[Read More…]

by August 14, 2017 Cyber & IoT News, News, Scams
UK armed officers will be receiving 1,000 body-worn cameras to record potentially fatal incidents.

Armed officers given body-worn cameras

Armed police officers in the UK are going to be issued with body-worn cameras by the end of October. The Metropolitan Police said officers in armed response units will wear[Read More…]

Disney apps have been collecting information on their users, predominately children, and selling it to third party apps.

Could Disney be tracking your children?

Disney has been accused of illegally tracking children while they are using popular apps. Not for the first time, Disney has had a lawsuit raised against them for violating the[Read More…]

Watch and listen to John Allard and Jeff Little discussing the future of security, and how you can help sponsor Security Expert Online, to help make the world a safer place.

WEBINAR: Making the World a safer place

Our first webinar is now live! You can find our livestream here. Next to BREXIT crime and security should be at the top of our agenda. One estimate puts the[Read More…]

by August 10, 2017 Cyber & IoT News, Latest, News, Top Stories
A Royal Mail scam is currently circulating - criminals are posting fake cards through doors, inviting customers to call a number to get organise redelivery.

Royal Mail scam: check the card before you call

Action Fraud have released a message telling consumers that fake Royal Mail “Something for You” cards are being posted through letterboxes. Customers who are receiving packages through the Royal Mail[Read More…]

by August 10, 2017 Latest, News, Scams, Top Stories
Police are using facial recognition at Notting Hill Carnival in attempt to spot potential troublemakers.

Notting Hill carnival: police using facial recognition

At the Notting Hill carnival later this month, police are planning on using facial recognition. The Metropolitan police says that the deployment is being used as a way to scan[Read More…]