Are you doing enough to protect your office?

Are you doing enough to protect your office?

SSR Personnel are a Recruitment Consultancy & Executive Search practice, dedicated to the Security, Fire, Health and Safety sectors. Recently, they asked businesses what measures they have in the case[Read More…]

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The US laptop ban has now been lifted throughout the United States, the Middle East and Africa.

Laptop ban lifted for all airlines in U.S.

Earlier last month, we reported on a new initiative in progress for the United States – the laptop ban. The US authorities devised the rules in response to new fears[Read More…]

Is arming front line police the next logical step in protection?

Is arming front line police the next logical step in protection?

Armed frontline Police officers patrolling across England and Wales has moved a step closer to reality, despite calls to maintain our tradition of unarmed officers. This discussion is now underway[Read More…]

US prepares to bring in wide-ranging security measures, including laptop ban

US laptop ban about to come into force

Airlines across the U.S. have proposed putting a new laptop ban into practice. Thus, beginning in just three weeks, the sweeping regulations will affect passengers travelling to and from 105[Read More…]

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Little Chats: Dr Mohammed Rahim of Faith Associates

Little Chats: Dr Mohammed Rahim of Faith Associates

Dr Mohammed Rahim of Faith Associates spoke with our CEO Jeff Little at IFSEC 2017 last week in London. Topics featured: how Faith Associates provides advice to mosques on how[Read More…]

TSA searches books at some US airports

TSA staff searching books at US airports

Next time you’re heading for a flight from or to the US, be aware the TSA (Transport Security Administration) might want to see your copy of The Art of War. Machiavelli[Read More…]

Report analyses the changing threat posed by the so-called 'Islamic State' group

What are the 4 dimensions of the foreign fighter threat?

The term ‘foreign fighter’ has become generated a lot of coverage since so-called Islamic State came to prominence in 2014. Unlike some of its predecessors and rival Jihadi groups, the[Read More…]

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Uncertainty as Theresa May forms new government without an overall majority.

Uncertainty is the only certain thing

At the time of writing, Theresa May has just announced that she will continue as Prime Minister, despite her party losing their overall majority in yesterday’s General Election. Unless it[Read More…]

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Police officer attacked in square outside Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Police officer attacked near Notre Dame Cathedral

One police officer has been wounded in an attack near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. French police say that they have the situation under control and the perpetrator is being[Read More…]

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Security dominates the political debate in the last few days before the UK General Election after Saturday's terrorist attack in London

London Bridge attack sparks fierce political debate

With the UK General Election just days away, it was perhaps inevitable that Saturday’s horrendous terrorist attacks in London would have a huge impact on the political debate. The previous[Read More…]

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