HBO tighten security: crack down on illegal video sites

Two people in a dark room. Text reads, "HBO hacked again, Game of Thrones compromised"
Game of Thrones has once again been compromised after hackers threaten to leak the final episode.

The hit show Game of Thrones has been compromised once again – this time not only by hackers. HBO Spain and HBO Nordic both aired Episode 6 four days early on their online streaming service. Although they took it down from the website after an hour, the episode is already circulating the internet in 1080p.

However, HBO is cracking down on the leaks, as they’re removing the streams one at a time from illegal sharing websites. It seems as if this won’t deter the hackers, as they release passwords for HBO. Now, the hackers are demanding $6.5 million in Bitcoin, according to the Metro. This will be in exchange for the information not to be leaked – including the last episode of this series.

HBO social media compromised

That’s not the only incident that’s occurred this week. HBO’s official twitter account for Game of Thrones has been compromised, as hackers alleged they were “testing” the security of the site. On their tweet they ask HBO to get in touch with them to “upgrade the security”. OurMine are notorious for hacking into high profile accounts, such as Marvel, Netflix and YouTube.

Finally, some good news for HBO. After their data breach last week when episode four was leaked, four people have been arrested in conjunction with the leak. The four men, based in Mumbai, India, have been charged with criminal breach of trust and computer-related offenses. If we can learn anything from this, is that it’s so important to keep your security up-to-date.

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