Facebook Messenger scam tricks users into downloading malware

A new scam is making the rounds on Facebook Messenger, tricking users into downloading vicious malware.

As we all know, malware is nasty. It’s malicious software that’s downloaded onto your device and to put it mildly, can cause problems. Malware can get rid of your important documents and files, but more importantly, it could mean you lose your online identity.

A malware package could contain a keystroke tracker. A keystroke tracker basically does exactly what it says: it can monitor whichever keys you press on your keyboard, whether on a computer or on your phone. Therefore, it can steal your banking information or passwords.

Basically, criminals could be posing as your Facebook friends. Through Facebook Messenger, they’re sending dodgy links which lead to fake websites. One of the known websites is said to look exactly like YouTube. Once you’re on these websites, messages will pop-up asking you to download the software (this could be anything from a game to an add-on to your browser or a Flash upgrade).

What does the Facebook Messenger scam look like?

Watch out for Facebook messages from people you may rarely speak to, with your name followed by ‘video’. For me, this would look like “Ashleigh Video” and then a shocked emoji face with a link beginning “bit.ly”. This has been designed to grab your attention and click on the link, most likely out of intrigue.

At the moment, we don’t know exactly how the criminals are getting access to Facebook Messenger. It may be due to your friend’s information being stolen, or from their browser being hijacked.

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