EasyJet Facebook scam causing outrage

As holiday season is drawing to a close, scammers are taking advantage of the low-moods that come from people missing the sunny sands of Spain. Now, they’re offering Facebook users free flights from EasyJet.

EasyJet have sent warnings to Facebook users, asking them not to fall for the “free flights” scam. The scam seems to have gone viral, with thousands of people putting their details into a linked fake website. Additionally, the “giveaway” is supposed to be taking place in celebration of the airline’s 22nd anniversary.

The offer that’s catching everyone’s eye is two free tickets to everyone who takes part in an online survey. The post on the social media site rapidly spread as people clambered to get the free tickets by sharing the link. The post was captioned, “332 remaining so hurry up!”

Furthermore, EasyJet have been made aware of the scam. They said: “EasyJet is aware of this fake Facebook competition and can confirm this is not a genuine EasyJet ticket giveaway. We posted on our own Facebook page earlier this week to warn customers of this. Genuine competitions of this nature will only be hosted on EasyJet’s official Facebook page.”

What happens when you click on the link?

The scammers had uploaded a picture with EasyJet’s logo at the top of the image. Moreover, the survey contained three multiple choice questions. After clicking through the questions, the participant will be taken to a screen where malware begins to download onto their computer.

These scams are not new to the Facebook community. The last few years have seen criminals enter the market using lots of big names, including Jeep, Ryanair and even Facebook Messenger.

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