How Safe is your Data?

Data loss and ransomware theft is on the rise, how prepared are you?

Constant Threats

Executives and shareholders are really starting to understand that their unique data assets are essential to the corporate existence of their organisations, and for board members, their responsibilities extend to protecting these critical business assets.

Facebook, Uber, Google are all businesses whose unique data underpins their value. From simply scanning a supermarket card at the tills, to using the latest technology – biometrics, robotic police officers and self-service shops, our world is becoming increasingly data driven.

So, when we rely so heavily on data, what can be done to create business resilience to protect companies when their critical data is lost?

We sat down with Marc Hyman from Metro Insurance Brokers and Mark Saville of Data2Vault to discuss commercial solutions to the growing threat of crucial data loss in the wake of ransomware and cyberattacks.

The Solution

Data2Vault provide a range of data protection solutions all delivered as secure, managed services that are automated, optimised and simplify core IT operations to help drive efficiency and reduce risk.

The process allows you select the critical data you wish to insure and you set the value you wish to place on the data.

Once the value is agreed, the data is placed in an Insured Data Environment, a Data Insurance policy is issued and becomes live. In the event the critical data is lost and can't be recovered from the IDE system on site, the data is requested from the Insured Data Environment offsite, if the data still can't be recovered the policy will pay out.

In the emerging data protection framework known as GDPR all businesses have an obligation to protect data not only against external attacks but against loss by any cause, including human factors, which according to a recent study by IBM accounted for nearly 80% of breaches and lost data.


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Data Insurance can be purchased via the Metro Insurance Brokers website at Metro Insurance Brokers are an Authorised Representative of CDS and are authorised to advise the benefits of Data Insurance, Cyber Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance as well as other associated General Insurance under the Authorities of TEN Insurance.