A quick guide to spotting courier fraud

Someone giving their credit card to someone else. Text reads, "A quick guide to spotting courier fraud"
A quick guide to spotting courier fraud - and knowing how you can protect yourself.

New warnings have been circulating following the re-circulation of courier fraud this month. The popular scam shows people contacting you to grab your credit card details, including your PIN.

How does the scam work?

The scam usually happens when you get called by a fraudster who’s claiming to be from your bank or the police. They say they’ve seen fraudulent activity on your account, and need to collect your details to fix the issue. Otherwise, they tell you your card is about to expire, and needs to be replaced.

If you share your worry about the fraudster potentially not really being from your bank, they’re quick to reassure you. By suggesting you hang up the phone and call them back, you may feel more inclined to believe the call. Should you follow their instructions and try to call back, they will not hang up the phone, meaning the line hasn’t been disconnected. You call back, and you’re talking to the same fraudster.

The criminal then asks you to read out your credit or debit card PIN or even type it into the phone keypad. At this point, they know they’ve gained your trust, so they begin to phish for other important information. This could be anything from your date of birth to hard-to-guess security codes, or for details about your place of work.

Next, the phone operator announces they will send a courier to collect your bank card. At this point, the fraudster will have all the details they need to fraudulently use your card – the piece of plastic is the last piece of the puzzle they need. Worse, they may even have enough information to commit identity fraud in your name.

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