UK threat level severe: why it’s crucial your staff are trained

With the Threat Level remaining at ‘severe,’ David Mundell, Managing Director of Axis Security, advises that our staff – and ourselves – need to be trained to the highest standard to deal with a potential terror plot.

Arrests for terrorism-related offences fell by 8% in the year ending 31st December 2016. However, terrorism remains a very real threat to the British public. It’s incredibly important that we take this opportunity to train ourselves to recognise what counts as ‘normal’ and what doesn’t. Additionally, the police have recently launched ACT – Action Counters Terrorism. If you head over to their website and listen to their Code Severe podcasts, you will get a sense of how you should act in terror incidents.

It’s up to us to make the World a safer place. By completing the relevant educating and training, we can put an end to injury and deaths cause by terror attacks, by recognising the signs before they happen.

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