The biggest threat to the UK economy and security since Brexit

Security Expert Online
The biggest threat to the UK economy and security since Brexit

Security Expert Online, a national news service, has taken off – to save us billions! Thanks to your support, we’ve had over 80,000 impressions on our social media in the last month. Additionally, we’ve had well over 4,000 page views and 1,000+ Twitter followers.

However, with crime increasing by the day, here are some figures that may shock you;

  • We’ve suffered the largest annual rise in crime in a decade, with 5.9 million crimes and ½ a million more offences. This figure excludes cyber crime and misuse of computers.
  • In the year ending March 2017 there were nearly 5 million recorded offences in England and Wales, 500,000 more than the previous year. This staggering figure doesn’t include the estimated 6 million crimes involving fraud and cyber intrusion.  Independent research estimates fraud is costing the UK economy up to £193 Billion per year – that’s £70 Billion more than we spend on the entire NHS budget.

Alongside Brexit this is one of the biggest national challenges we face this century. is now operational. Think of us as a ‘Sky News’ for the security industry. To get off the ground quickly, Security Expert Online started out as a self-funded Limited company. We intend to become a Not-for-Profit organisation.

What do we offer?

  • A unique vehicle designed to unite the security community, make it easier for agencies, public sector and private sector security services  to publish news and training videos to inform  business decisions makers and help train their staff. We’re uniquely positioned to help businesses create a human firewall, helping to fight crime by creating timely awareness and resilience to attacks.
  • With just a modest amount of your support, we believe we can quickly drive these figures up and richly reward founding sponsors.
  • Furthermore, by becoming a founding sponsor, you will be associated with the creation of a national video information channel, that will make life a whole lot tougher for crooks and terrorists. To see how you can become a sponsor, click here.

Want to know more?

If you’re part of the security industry or are part of a security company and want to take the lead in making the world a safer place, then we’d like to talk to you. Moreover, crime is on the rise. Our police and security services lack the funding to tackle the problem alone; clearly this problem is not going away and as a result, we need your help.

Do you want to know how you can help make the world a safer place? Then come watch a live introduction to Security Expert Online where we’ll show you how to easily:

  • Produce engaging video content promoting your expertise, services and brand.
  • Connect with a growing, online security conscious audience.
  • Reach out to key decision makers keen to know more about the latest security threats and solutions.
  • Lead the way in sponsoring a national service that will make a difference to UK security across the public and private sector.

Finally, register now to receive a link to the live webinar which will be hosted via YouTube featuring a live Q & A session.

Register for the first event here which will be taking place on Thurday 10th August 2017 at 4.30 pm.

Register for the second event here if you can’t make it, this will be on Thursday 24th August 2017 at 4.30 pm.

‘Together online, we make the World a safer place.’