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Move over Tupperware – the next new thing to gather your friends together for an evening’s presentation may prove far more uplifting than scented candles or storage containers. Even those who would ridicule the tenets of The Secret can’t help but be impressed at the power of the unique business model that has sprung up around this production, building it into a people powered movement that has quickly become a household name in the US and Australia. The get-together has proven to be a very popular way for people to enjoy watching and discussing the film.

Well before the principal voices behind The Secret were featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, people who came across the movie on the Nine Network in Australia (and elsewhere on the internet), were so excited about the message of the film, they felt compelled to share this potentially life-altering information with their friends.

While word-of-mouth or “viral” marketing took a while to really get going, when it did, the success of the film and book took off exponentially. Among advice and self-help titles, this has been an unprecedented phenomena. Even Bob Proctor, who has taught self-help seminars throughout the United States for 40 years, claims to have never seen anything like it.

There have been other books that have been very influential over time and did generate book club readings when they were released, such as The Power of Positive ThinkingI’m OK, You’re OK and Jonathan Livingston Seagull; but none as successful as The Secret.

No doubt part of this success are the several ways the information is made available. In addition to the movie and book being available in many formats, the use of the internet to distribute the film was innovative. Many who watched the movie from the comfort of their own desktops felt compelled to confer with others to get their opinion on it. Few people seem ambivalent in their opinion of any aspect of The Secret.

Just as there is no such thing as bad publicity, a flurry of online and print denouncements seemingly functioned to get thousands more interested. Months after its release, the book battled with only the final Harry Potter book for top Amazon ranking.

Droves of people couldn’t get enough and wanted desperately to know how to implement these changes in their own lives. Many began delving deeper into the past movements and authors that have written on the subject. Thousands attended seminars presided over by one or more of the subjects interviewed in the film.

Soon, people were getting together all over the world to have “Secret Parties” where, after a showing of the film, it would be discussed. Many of those who remained skeptical of the Law of Attraction were left such meetings energized and optimistic. Some had a truly out-of-the-ordinary experience with ideas they’d never considered before. Others were magnetically drawn to the film’s closing message: “Feel good.”

Some meetings took place in private homes, some in church basements or community centers. Others, who had seen the film elsewhere, were getting together to discuss the ideas presented therein. Still others have met virtually in online message boards and online forums to discuss the underlying messages of the film, as well as, specific implications and observations since adopting the practice outlined in the book and film.

Perhaps more importantly to the creators, the message they hoped to convey was catching like wildfire. These gatherings were proving wildly successful in getting people to look up the movie website and related information about the Law of Attraction. In depth information about the over two-dozen professionals interviewed in the film was made available from the official website. Regardless of how or why they came to see it, the film had clearly made a very significant impact on some.

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