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For a small business, mobile marketing can be an effective way of reaching customers on the move, of driving local customers to your business, and of connecting with the market in an immediate way. Done well, it can be a very effective and cost efficient approach to use, and can allow companies to avoid direct competition with large opponents outside the immediate area. However, it is vital that you give it the proper attention if you are to get the most from it.

Do not, for example, make the mistake of simply treating it the same way you would your basic website or SEO efforts. This is a separate area designed to complement that work and to reach customers in different ways. Remember that this is all about connecting with people while they are on the move, whereas your normal web efforts are about connecting with them while they are sat at home conducting an extended search.

The main consequence of that difference is that everything in this sort of approach has to be much more focussed. You don’t have a full web page in which to catch someone’s attention. Instead, you have the tiny portion of one that shows on a phone’s screen before the user has to scroll down. Give them a reason to want to view the rest, with great copy and arresting images. Don’t give them an excuse to look elsewhere.

Focus particular attention on the descriptions used in the results. They need to be short and to the point, because the phone user simply won’t read anything long winded. Instead, he or she will be on your competitors’ websites, buying from them. The same thing goes for areas such as page titles and web addresses.

Don’t just focus on your site, though. Often, when someone searches on a phone, it is to find the nearest example of a particular type of business. That means that you need to maintain a presence in local online directories, and you need to let the likes of Google maps know of your existence. Where a home browser might look through dozens of options before making a choice, someone in a hurry will often just go for the nearest.

As such, this sort of approach works best when it is local in focus. Don’t worry about attracting people on the other side of the world so much as getting them to cross over from the other side of town. Make the most of your local presence, and make yourself as easy to find and contact as possible. Since you know that they will be holding a phone in their hand while they read, remember to include a phone number wherever possible.

Do that, and your small business mobile marketing should be considerably more effective than if you do not. For best effect, combine this strategy with others that allow you to target your customer base in other ways, and remember to review your overall position on a regular basis, so that you aren’t caught napping by developments.

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