How to Make Money Speaking at a Conference

Have you ever wondered how you can make money speaking at conferences? If so, you have a lot of courage; Public speaking could be considered one of the most dreaded activities to many people. It is in some cases feared more than dying.

If you are one of those people who shiver at the mere thought of speaking in front of people, hopefully, this article will change your minds about it and maybe even motivate you to become a public speaker yourself.

Essentially, public speakers make money out of their skill to deliver topics at events such as conferences and seminars. These events can be quite lucrative for many speaking professionals.

However, speakers do not earn on platform fees alone. Some speakers get rich giving free speeches. Keep this acronym in mind. B.O.R.S. This stands for ‘Back Of the Room Sales’. Using this, you can speak for free but still earn lots of money from the sale of your products.

While speaking it is natural to find yourself making products. These products are often informative in nature and the most common products that speakers create are books. You can author books that correspond with your speech material and you can sell them at conferences. Take into account that you are not limited to books; you can have any type of products including videos and audio CDs.

So in effect, having products can be another source of income. Free speeches have now become opportunities to sell your products via ‘Back Of the Room Sales’. With an established expertise on a particular field of interest, you will have no difficulty in selling your goods.

Great speakers are also great marketers. They build credibility through speaking and sharing their knowledge to the public. This credibility is then used to attract customers and convince them to invest in your valuable products. Keep in mind that products like books add to your credibility as a speaker; thus getting you more paid bookings at conferences.

Expansion is inevitable and soon, you can branch out to building a website where you can market your resources and services by means of World Wide Web. By then you can start earning passive income from your speaking career.

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